Our English course is designed to challenge students, aged between 10-16 years old, to advance their understanding of English, improve their language skills and increase their confidence in using newly-acquired linguistic skills in interesting and enjoyable ways.
With five teaching levels, from elementary to advanced, we assess every student at the start of each course, assign them to a small class of students with similar proficiency in English, continuously monitor their progress and tailor our teaching accordingly.

Students learn new grammar and vocabulary and have the opportunity to practise these in reading exercises, written work, and through listening and speaking practice. Our range of teaching methods includes group work, role play, games, surveys, presentations, quizzes, interviews, talks and workshops, as well as educational excursions.

Each student receives a certificate at the end of the course, at our awards ceremony and you will receive a full report detailing your child’s progress and attainment.  Students will also be able to bring home their course book, which is included in the fee.