Our Executive Course Director, Mr Alan Roberts, has just returned from one of the first events of the marketing calendar, the ST Alphe UK conference in London. Over 528 agents attended representing 60 different student markets.

Statistics from the event has shown that of those agents who attended, 89% were interested in meeting with language school representatives. Our own statistics support the growing popularity of Summer Language Schools, as we are pleased to report that this year we saw our numbers grow by a third to between 100-120 students per course. We had a wonderful mix of students attending from 14 different countries.

We work closely with a number of agents to promote our Language School across the world. We establish a dedicated working relationship with our contacts to ensure that every student recommended to the Stonyhurst Language school benefits from our fantastic course. Designed to meet British Council requirements, our English course, supported by a high standard of pastoral care, is designed to be an interesting, enjoyable and effective way of helping our students improve their language skills in an international atmosphere, surrounded by British culture and heritage.

‘I would like to say a big thank you to all the agents who I had the pleasure of meeting at the Alphe Conference in London. I do hope everyone had a successful trip. It was great to hear such positive feedback about Stonyhurst Language School and what we have to offer’

Mr Alan Roberts (Executive Course Director)